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Teenz Night: Holiday Party

The average teenager eats about how many slices of pizza in one sitting? This past Friday, at our Teenz Night Out, the answer was three!

What a better way to spend a chilly Friday night, than to stay indoors playing Trivial Pursuit and charades while eating pizza with your friends! This past Friday, our Teenz in the City members enjoyed a fun night filled with games, snacks, and great conversation on the Upper East Side. This outing was a new experience for our members. Instead of going to a restaurant or exploring the city, our members were able to save some money by having a nice meal inside rather than at a restaurant where taxes and tips are required. Teenz in the City enjoyed social skills building and practiced team work during a group facilitated game night!

Our members chose between two meeting locations to embark from: the boys’ group meeting location in Gramercy or the girls’ group meeting location on the Upper East Side. Many of our members decided to convene on the Upper East Side due to the close proximity to our game night location. Our members and group facilitators on the Upper East Side utilized Google Maps to find the quickest directions to our game night, and found that the fastest route was a six minute walk down 3rd Avenue. A smaller number of our members met a group facilitator in Gramercy and used the app Moovit to travel on the uptown 4 train to our game night location.

Once our members met up at the game night location, we quickly got started indulging in pizza, snacks, drinks, and Trivial Pursuit! Our members were divided into three teams: high school, teen boys, and teen girls. Our members impressed themselves with the amount of knowledge they had in various subjects such as history, sports, and entertainment. At the end of the game, the girls team answered the most questions correct! After Trivila Pursuit our members enjoyed an exciting game of charades. Our members silently acted out silly scenarios and situations such as opening presents on Christmas Day, baking cookies, and riding a roller coaster. Everyone had a great laugh and worked together to figure out what each member was acting out.

Towards the end of the night, the group spent time taking silly pictures with funny props such as mustaches, sunglasses, and googly eyes! After our goofy photo shoot, our members decided that frozen yogurt was the best way to end the night. The group accessed google maps to find the closest Sixteen Handles location. Our directions app stated that Sixteen Handles was only a three minute walk and about two blocks away! Our members happily put on their coats and scurried along the designated route to get frozen yogurt. When we arrived at Sixteen Handles it seemed like our options were endless. Blood Orange Tart! Birthday Cake! Chocolate Caramel Crush! Our members had a wide variety of flavors and toppings to choose from.

At the end of our Sixteen Handles dessert, our members began deciding on their travel routes home. Some of our members were able to get home by taxi, while others utilized the subway to get back to the meeting location in Gramercy. The majority of our group once again used google maps to find walking directions back to the Upper East Side meeting location, where they met their families and discussed the great time they had at our Teenz Night Out.

Our member turnout for this event was great with around twelve teens! Overall, our members learned that a great night begins and ends with great friends!

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