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Brrrr at Big Daddy's Diner

When you rely on public transit to get you where you need to go, there is always the possibility of something not going as planned. Our members learned that lesson this week when we were unable to travel to our originally planned outing to Brooklyn Farmacy Soda Fountain Restaurant.

Upon arrival to our designated meeting place many members reported delays or changes to the train schedules on their journey. Group leaders asked members to look up direction to our destination and determine if the delays or changes were going to alter our plans. Sure enough, our transit apps (Moovit, Citymapper, and Google Maps) informed us that we were not going to be able to get to our destination in a reasonable time.

Group leaders discussed alternative outing ideas within walking distance and after some discussion everyone decided to get brunch at Big Daddy's! While walking to the restaurant, members discussed how their first week back at school had been and what they thought of the snow and cold temperatures. It was a very chilly and windy walk.

Happy to be warm and inside, we were fortunate to be seated quickly at the restaurant. After being seated, group leaders reminded members to mind their budget while deciding what they would like to eat. Members did a wonderful job budgeting their meals and asking their waiter questions about the menu. Some members have dietary restrictions, and those members practiced their self advocacy skills by informing the waiter of what those restrictions were and asking for alternative options.

The restaurant was very busy, but members showed great patience while waiting for their food and took the extra waiting time to share what they did over their break. Some members had exciting travels, while others enjoyed time at home. All enjoyed hearing about everyone's time away.

After brunch group leaders helped our independent travelers navigate their way home through

all of the delays and transit changes. Everyone was able to find alternative routes and made their way home safely.

We are looking forward to all of the fun we have planned this semester and can't wait to see everyone next weekend!

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