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Our First Improv Comedy Show

Teenz In The City kicked off our first Teenz Night of the winter/spring semester with an improv comedy show and workshop at and Broadway Comedy Club in midtown. Members met at either our Upper East Side location or our Gramercy meeting spot and determined the appropriate travel routes using our travel apps such as Moovit and Itrans. Our Upper East Side group was excited to try and take the new Q train, which dropped them off just two blocks from the comedy club. Our Gramercy group opted to take the uptown N/R train from 28th street.

Upon arrival to the comedy club, members were brought to the stage to engage in tradition improv warm up exercises, which had everyone sharing laughs together. They played games that got their minds working quickly and to think of their feet. The improv workshop leader communicated the importance of warm ups, and though he is a professional at improv, he still does these types of warm ups each day before he performs.

Following the workshop, members ate pizza and were able to see a 75 minute improv show that had everyone laughing! The best part was having our members volunteer to be a part of the show and go on stage. They were elated to be a part of the show and felt like they truly began to understand what improv comedy was. As a result, members can't wait for our upcoming outing to the Gotham Comedy Club to see more comedy! Because of the great time everyone had, members requested a second Teenz night this month, which we are looking forward to adding to our calendar for January 27th.

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