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Weekend Warriors

Our members had a yoga & wellness session in which they learned a great deal about the practice of yoga and how it can be useful in their lives. The class was led by Jeannine Morris, who is a private yoga instructor and health coach. Her insight helped our members see the benefit of yoga practice and how it can help relieve stress or anxiety. Members encouraged each other to do their best by quietly conversing during their practice. If it was their first time or not, the girls were supportive with one another and engaged with each other positively.

After an hour class of warriors, tree poses and downward facing dogs, the group voted on a lunch at Chipotle. We used our google maps walking directions to navigate to the local restaurant. While at Chipotle, we checked our wallets to further refine our budgeting and money management skills. While enjoying tacos and guacamole, we caught up about our week and worked on being good listeners with one another. The session was a blast and members are excited for the upcoming chocolate making experience next weekend.

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