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Kids 'N Comedy

The entire Teenz community went to Gotham Comedy Club to see Kids ‘N Comedy, a show performed entirely by teenagers. The group had a chance to hear great jokes while sitting together and socializing. Members met at either our Upper East Side location or our Gramercy meeting spot and determined the appropriate travel routes using our travel apps such as Moovit and Itrans. The Gramercy group walked to 23rd street and hopped on the M23 Crosstown Select bus. Group members learned how to purchase their bus tickets at the machine and how to get on the select bus. The Upper East Side group took the subway down to Gotham Comedy Club.

When we arrived at Gotham Comedy Club, group members sat down at tables and ordered lunch. Group members had to keep in mind how much money they had and what their budget would be while looking at the delicious menu and ordering lunch. The entire Teenz community enjoyed the show and loved watching other teenagers perform on stage. After the show, we even had the opportunity to go on stage and tell a joke. Many of the group members were brave and confidently went to wait on the long line to share their joke. While not everyone got the chance to tell a joke, the Teenz who went on stage all did a wonderful job and made the audience laugh. We were very proud of everyone who went up and were able to step outside of their comfort zone. The Teenz community had a wonderful day of fun, friendship and comedy and we found out that we have several of our own comedians.

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