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Strike, Spare & Fun!

Teenz In The City had a great TEENZ night last night with an awesome outing to Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square! The majority of the group met at our uptown meeting spot while a few of our older members met us directly at the bowling alley. Bravo to them and their consistency in our program as they are now travel trained! The uptown group discussed the different routes that we could take to get Times Square. The group decided on taking Q train as the most direct and cost efficient route. While traveling to the bowling alley, the group facilitators reviewed our N,E,S,W acronym to help our newer members increase their understanding of this important concept. At the bowling alley, our members engaged in friendly reciprocal conversation and sang along to popular songs while bowling and enjoying dinner. Some of our members were feeling lucky and wanted to explore the video arcade and won over $1000 tickets! After the night was over, the group decided on taking the Q back from Times Square and our members' lead us 2 blocks south to the train station. All of our members agreed how quick the Q train felt and that this new subway line makes traveling so much easier! It was a really fun outing, and it is so wonderful to see many nice friendships developing across our groups.

We are looking forward to our next TEENZ night on Friday, 2/10. Please inquire within for more details or to reserve your teen's spot.

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