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Creating Beautiful Masterpieces

Each memory we make, each lesson we learn and each skill we master, we string together ourselves...beautiful masterpieces! This past Sunday, our Girls group, openly welcomed a new group member. Upon arrival to our meeting spot, we discussed the agenda for the day and divided the girls into two smaller groups for traveling. The girls reviewed the travel training worksheet and were encouraged to use the Google Maps Application to figure out the exact route that would lead us to our destination. We were very impressed by group #1, newly acquired knowledge and understanding for our N,E,S,W acronym and quickly began walking a few short blocks to our destination. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by Ashlee from Love Letters Creations. She engaged the group in a discussion about jewelry making and how each bead creates its own stories and memories. We discussed how jewelry has a special meaning to the person giving, receiving, creating, which also gives us an opportunity to creatively express ourselves. The girls then engaged in a ice breaker activity and went around the table sharing a little about themselves. This exercise was a great opportunity to help make our newer members feel welcome and get to know the other girls. There were so many shared common interests among the group, especially drawing, singing and reading. While the girls worked on their bracelets, they switched off playing dj and listened to various types of music singing along together while they worked. Making their own bracelets was a very relaxing activity and reminded them the importance of paying attention to detail, while also using their patience to each create unique bracelets with their own meaning. After all of their hard work the girls built up an appetite for lunch, and they all budgeted their funds, and discussed as a group what options would be most satisfying for lunch! The group then split into 2 groups in search of their cravings. We then all met back up to recap the day and shared our new bling with our family and friends!

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