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A Skeleton Made Out of Sugar

Our Girls group had a great outing this past Sunday exploring "The Take Me I'm Yours" exhibition at The Jewish Museum. The group met at our regular meeting spot, and discussed the best travel route to get to the museum. The girls decided that they could easily walk to the museum since it was nice out and the girls discussed it would only take them about 10 minutes to walk. While walking, the group facilitator reviewed the North East South West acronym and pointed out the importance of using this tool to help them navigate. Upon arrival to the museum, all visitors were encouraged to participate, touch, and even take home works of art by 42 international and intergenerational artists. The girls each took a plastic bag which they were encouraged to fill up with any items they wanted to take home from the exhibition including blue contact lenses, candy, a t-shirt and even a piece of a real-life sized skeleton created by pure sugar...Yum! Immediately upon entering the exhibit, the girls saw a huge pill of jeans in the middle of the exhibit. Our members joked around saying the next time their parents tell them to "clean their room", they will now say that it is art! The girls especially enjoyed singing out creating their own karaoke session as a microphone that was set up in the middle of the exhibition, and the girls each took turns singing along to popular pop tunes. We were impressed by our members bravery to sing out loud in the middle of the museum and were serenaded by their beautiful voices! After the exhibition, the girls worked up quite an appetite and decided to walk a few blocks away to enjoy their lunch. Over lunch, members were encouraged to discuss their favorite part of the museum. Our members shared how they now think that "art can be cool and fun"! Our girls group is looking forward to visiting other museums this upcoming semester and expanding their interest and appreciation of the arts.

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