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Sugary Delights at the Sugar Factory

The Boys and Co-Ed High School group enjoyed a fun Member's Choice outing at the Sugar Factory! Members had a delicious meal and had some fun singing along to popular songs played at the restaurant. Members met at Bread & Butter and explored the best route to get to the Sugar Factory. The group facilitators reviewed the N,S,E,W acronym to guide the group to get to our destination. On the way to the Sugar Factory, the group engaged in conversation about their favorite animals.

At the Sugar Factory, all of our members engaged with one another in conversation. The restaurant was extremely busy and it took a while for our food and drinks to arrive. Members had to be patient while waiting for their order. When the milkshakes arrived, the group loved looking at the different specialty drinks that were ordered. After our delicious lunch, some members were watching the bartender do juggling tricks. The group members made the most of their members choice day!

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