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Wonderful Winter Smorgasburg

This past Sunday both the teen boys group and co-ed high school boys group joined together to enjoy a fun day in Brooklyn experiencing the Winter Flea Market and Smorgasburg! Members navigated their way to Brooklyn and decided to use the 6 train and transferring to the Q to take us there. While there, we explored the various options of food at their food court. The food options were limitless and had food from all over the world! They offered dishes from the Philippines, Japan, China, Vietnam, and Mexico, in addition to their traditional staples of American cuisine. All members enjoyed various ethnic cuisines while engaging in conversation with one another. Members actively listened to one another and conversed freely throughout lunch.

While exploring the flea market, booths offered many different things. There were many items being sold such as antique jewelry, toys, records, clothing, and books. The members were particularly drawn to the vintage clothes that were being sold. Members liked trying on various articles of clothing and examining the vintage toys that were on display. The group had enjoyed the company of one another and the amenities of the Winter Flea Market and Smorgasburg.

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