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Juggling is not just for the Circus!

On Friday night, all members of our group watched Water on Mars, at the New Victory Theater! Group members explored the various routes to get to our destination at the New Victory Theater and collectively decided that the quickest and most efficient route to take was by utilizing the Q train. Water on Mars is comprised of a three man troupe that takes juggling to the next level. The show consisted of bright neon lights set to the background music of upbeat electro-pop soundtrack. Water on Mars was an exhilarating experience that left some of our members in awe to their performance!

After the performance, members ate at Pax for a snack and others went to get some ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery! While enjoying their snacks, members were socializing with one another and engaged in communicating with one another and reflected on the show and what they did the past week. Members also noted that they were looking forward to their next members outing for their cooking class taking place on Sunday. Overall, the group had a great time watching the show and bonding with one another!

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