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Learning to Be Chefs!

This past Sunday both the high school boys and girls groups gathered together for an exciting day at the Mexican restaurant called Avenida Cantina located in the East village. Members navigated their way to Lower Manhattan and decided on taking the 6 train then transferring to the F train. Upon arrival, the teenz members were exposed to a fun filled experience that involved learning how to make traditional Mexican delights such as guacamole and ice-cream topped churros. The head chef of Avenida Cantina, Adriana, guided us through this learning experience by teaching both groups how to create their own guacamole by using different ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, avocados, and cilantro (for food flavoring). The members celebrated by interacting with each other using creative word puzzles and enjoying the stylistic fashion of sombreros.

Throughout the cuisine experience, Adriana introduced herself and shared her life accomplishments that led her to become a prestigious chef. The members showed gratitude and respect for their fun, social adventure at Avenida Cantina.

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