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Strikes, Spares and Turkeys, Oh My!

This past Sunday was Members Choice! Group members had various ideas such as going to the One World Trade Center, visiting Chelsea Market, or going to Chelsea Piers for bowling. Ultimately, the group members decided to go bowling at the Bowlmor in Time Square because it was closest location and weather had played a role in the determining factor. As a group, we investigated the various routes that we could take to get to our destination and decided that taking an Uber there would be the most efficient and cost effective route to take. Members had discussed that they would like to bowl one game and then also spend some time playing in the arcade.

While at the Bowlmor, members had a great time bowling and hanging out with one another. The Bowlmor's theme was centered around New York City. The area where we were placed, was designed around Coney Island. There were intricate paintings of the Coney Island boardwalk painted on the walls, and a very large TV on the center of the bowling lanes allowed members to watch TV as they waited for their turn to bowl. Members also engaged in singing and dancing along to current pop hits! It was a great time and the weather did not interfere with the amount of fun that we had today!

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