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Cause When You're Fifteen...

This past weekend, the girls group had and awesome opportunity to visit the Taylor Swift Experience at the Grammys Museum in New York City! The group met at our regular meeting spot and used google maps and Moovit to determine the quickest route to our destination. The girls figured out that taking the express 4/5 train downtown to Fulton street as the most efficient route. We used our N,E,S,W acronym to guide the group to the subway station and were very impressed by the girls knowledge and comfort level with this route. The repetition is definitely paying off! While riding the train downtown, the girls engaged in reciprocal conversations with each other on their favorite types of music and favorite artists. Upon arrival to Fulton Street, we encouraged one of our group members to take a leadership role and guide the group using Google Maps walking directions to the museum. Whenever possible, this leadership role is very important for our members to increase their confidence and travel training skills. Upon arrival to The Taylor Swift Experience, the girls danced, sang, and admired all of the singers beautiful costumes learning more about her climb into stardom. The girls were even able to record songs in a recording studio and dance on an interactive stage. All this excitement had the girls work up quite an appetite. The group explored pier 17 and the seaport and discovered an awesome Mexican restaurant called El Luchador. El Luchador had a vintage Air Stream trailer parked outside that the group was able to eat their delicious lunch in. After lunch, the girls had the opportunity to grab some delicious dessert and purchase all the sweets they could budget with what they had left over. Some chose candy, and the others opted for ice cream, on this beautiful February afternoon. We then headed back uptown on the express 4,5 train while discussing our favorite parts of the Taylor Swift experience and our awesome morning spent at The South Street Seaport. Cause we're gonna shake it off, shake it off till next Sunday where we work our vocals and learn to sing!

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