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Come on, Come on, Turn the Radio on!

This past Sunday, our Girls group participated in a private singing lesson taught by Jenna O'Gara the lead singer of Jessie's Girl a popular 80's band. The group met at our regular meeting spot, and the girls were given the option of two songs that they could choose for the singing lesson. The girls discussed each song and ultimately all decided to select "Cheap Thrills" by Sia to learn during their lesson. Upon arrival to the class, Jenna engaged the girls in some fun vocal warm ups and discussed some important vocal techniques such as breathing and singing from their diaphragm. The song was then divided into different parts and harmonies, and the girls were given the opportunity to have a solo or duet. We were impressed by our members bravery to sing their parts, and we were serenaded by their beautiful voices! The girls had such a blast getting to know this song and dancing along to the catchy beat. The girls engaged in a conversation with Jenna about her career in the music industry and different jobs she has had including being the voice of a few commercials as well as performing at Madison Square Garden. The girls were super impressed by Jenna and requested to get her autograph.

After the class, the girls worked up quite an appetite and decided to walk over to Shake Shack for lunch. Over lunch, members were encouraged to discuss their favorite part of the class. Our girls group is looking forward to participating in another singing class in the future and expanding their interest and appreciation of the arts.

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