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Strikes, Spares and New Friends!

Teenz In The City welcomed a new member to group this past weekend, which is always exciting! MEMBERS greeted him with handshakes and worked on getting to know him by asking him some questions about himself. After some preliminary conversation, the group discussed the day's activity. The members traveled to the Bowling site by first formulating directions at Bread and Butter. The members decided to navigate there by riding the 6 train then transferring to the S train. After getting off the train, our members walked through the city lights of Times Square and eventually reached their fun destination. The group enjoyed bowling and engaging in friendly competition. The time was spent through memorable laughs and great social experiences. The members enjoyed state of the art bowling lanes in a positive, friendly atmosphere. Soon after our Teenz members traveled to Pax for a long-awaited snack after the recreational activity. The members shared their most cherished, favorite moments from the bowling spectacular. Our kids enjoyed joyful conversations over snack delights such as sandwiches, dessert, and pizza. In conclusion, the group enjoyed their time with each other and certainly look forward to this outing again in the near future.

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