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A Spot of Tea

As we gathered at our normal Upper East Side hub, we gathered and had some catch up time. We began by discussing, with the assistance of Moovit, that we would need to galavant southeast, a real easy commute for today. Down the rabbit hole we went...into chapter three of Alice's Tea Cup, a warm escape for this winter day. As we sat down, we discussed our weekend and the menus came. With our budgets in mind, we picked our delicacies from an array of treats. Some of us improvised and ordered and discussed our favorite things in some fine accents, exercising some of our talents. Some of us even stuck our pinky out as we sipped our tea! We played ice breakers and really got to know one another for our good, creative, strong, smart, caring, and even some bad sides, and all got to know some really interesting facts about our other members. We talked hypotheticals and real experiences; it was a very telling afternoon! We enjoyed our feast and used our tip calculator to decide what we each owed for the bill, and the importance of recognizing that in a big group, gratuity is included. We had time, so we did an impromptu Duane Reade Sweep. We divided into 3 teams, and had a 16-item purchase list. We guessed as a group what we believed the items on the list to cost. We all went to Duane Reade, and confirmed the cost of our items. Some of us even went from the angle of trying to find the products within the estimated budget-very savvy shoppers here! We calculated both sums, and found the difference in what we would have needed to add. It was impressive how well thought out these approaches were and estimating was on point. These ladies know a thing or two about beauty items, of course. Next we will tackle the supermarket! It was such a Cheshire Cat smiling day-a perfect way to beat the cold air. Let's all do it all over again next week - on the dance floor!

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