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What a View!

This past Sunday, our young members embarked on a journey to one of the most beautiful , touristic attractions NYC has to offer. Our members traveled to the One World Observatory at the One World Trade Center. With much excitement, our teenz devised travel directions at the meeting site of Bread & Butter. Our members decided to take the 6 train downtown then transfer to the 5 train.

The teenz group arrived with high expectations about the iconic site which stands to be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. Upon arrival, Teenz in the City were led inside to the sky pod elevator which contained futuristic, virtual technology with a visual tour of NYC's history. The group rode up 100 floors while being exposed to 500 years of New York City's evolution in just under 60 seconds. On the 100th floor, our young travelers were shown an audio-visual introduction of NYC and then enjoyed panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New jersey and all of the surrounding waters. The members experienced landscape views they have never seen before while observing typical, city-activity from over 1700 feet! After all the interactive touring and sightseeing activities, our members decided to grab a healthy snack at (forgot where the kids ate). While enjoying low calorie meals such as organic sandwiches and salads, our teenz shared their favorite memories of the outing at our city's monument. The happiness and contentment expressed by the group came from gaining a different perspective (literally) of our home, New York City.

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