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Senior Members' Choice: Red Lobster

On this day of Teenz fun, the group celebrated SENIOR members' choice outing day by selecting RED LOBSTER as the group's destination. The members could not wait start traveling with only seafood delights and tasty lobster meals on their mind! The members utilized their GPS applications and decided on taking the 6 train uptown then transferring to the 7 train.

Upon arrival to Time Square, our young travelers maneuvered their way through the tall buildings and city tourists to arrive at the seafood paradise. Inside the famous restaurant, the group were seated right away while admiring the restaurant's contained sea animals and wall art. The members chatted about the unique and special meals they will order before the waiter arrived to them. Many of our members were so excited to taste seafood for the first time since some members never ate there before. During the wait, our members engaged in interactive trivias and games to test their knowledge in certain topics such as movies, entertainment, shows, etc. The food arrived momentarily which left the members' mouths wide open in amazement at the seafood specialties. Our travelers enjoyed many seafood gourmets ranging from shrimp to heavenly lobster!

Our members left the outing satisfied in many ways and would certainly return to Red Lobster for a second round of feasting!

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