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Climbing to a higher level ...

This past Sunday, our Girls group had the adventurous morning at Steep Rock Bouldering in NYC. The group met at our regular meeting spot and used Moovit and Google Maps to research the best travel route. The girls decided on taking the Third Avenue bus uptown to 96 street. When we got off the bus, the girls used Google maps walking directions to guide us to Steep Rock Bouldering. We reviewed the importance of paying attention to that side and even numbers on the street in order to determine which side the building would be located on. Upon arrival, the girls engaged in a orientation to learn the basics of bouldering, safety and etiquette and then quickly began to scale the walls. We learned how bouldering helps to build strength and endurance. We were impressed by our members bravery to try a different type of activity and cheer each other on while climbing! It was so nice to see one of our members who happens to rock climb often, take on a leadership role and assist the other girls in increasing their comfort level with this new activity.

After an hour of climbing, the girls worked up quite an appetite and went across the street to grab lunch. Over lunch, members discussed their family histories and backgrounds. They had some really meaningful conversations and it is great to see the girls connecting on a deeper level. This weekend the girls climbed to new heights and are all looking forward to seeing what other adventures the semester can bring us!

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