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Ahoy Me Harties! We're off to Shipwrecked Miniature Golf!

Yesterday's outing, we took a voyage out to Brooklyn where our members had a lot of fun playing mini golf at Shipwrecked Miniature Golf. Shipwrecked Miniature Golf in an indoor mini golf course that is f

illed with theatrical lighting and special effects. Before beginning our voyage, our members had worked together to find the best routes to take to lead us to our destination. We reviewed our NSEW acronym, and had members engage in a leadership position to take us to our destination. Once there, we formed two groups and began our 18-hole round of mini golf. Each room was themed and there were lots of things to see and do while members waited their turn to putt. Members were commended for being so patient waiting their turn and also on a job well done. We had several members who had gotten a hole-in-one! After our game of mini golf, our members relaxed and socialized with one another and played some old school video games. Before going back to Manhattan, our members reviewed the route to take us back to our destination and we had instructed one of our members to lead us back to the train station to take us to our meeting location! All in all, today was a fun day filled with laughs, smiles, and most importantly, great company! We cannot wait until our next outing!

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