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Fun Times and Games Await at Dave & Buster's!

Today our group had such a fun time at Dave & Buster's. Before leaving for our destination, we reinforced the importance of the NSEW acronym and reviewed the route we would take to get us there. When we arrived, our members had to either buy a PowerCard, or reload their own. While at Dave & Buster's members had played games like car racing, monopoly, and basketball to name a few. One member had expressed that he realized that budgeting and saving his money was a lot harder than he anticipated. After we spent some time playing games, we went across the street and had lunch at Pax. While at Pax, members got to talk about the games that they played, the prizes that they won and got to socialize with one another. We encouraged everyone to talk and mingle to get to know one another better! All in all, it was such a fun day filled with laughs and great experiences.

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