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Max Brenner: A Chocolate Lover's Dream Come True

Today, our group had one of the most exciting sessions to date! We ate dinner at Max Brenner. Max Brenner is famously known for their extravagant dessert bar and delectable desserts. To say that it is a chocolate lover's dream is at the very least an understatement. Our members were so excited to finally experience this restaurant. Before departing, we had looked out the most efficient route to take us to our destination. We decided that walking to the 6 train station would be both the quickest and most efficient way. When we finally arrived, we were quickly seated by our hostess. It was evident that our members loved looking at the menu, especially showing a great interest in their sweets and dessert section. They had everything from premium hot chocolate, chocolate pizza, chocolate pasta, and even s'mores! To help our members stick within their budget range, we had encouraged and asked members what they were looking to order to see if anyone wanted to share an entrée. After ordering, one of our members advocated for himself and let the waiter know of any allergies that he has. We encourage our members to be advocates for themselves. As we waited for our meals, one of our leaders had brought out a list of ice breakers that would engage our members with communicating with one another. We each took our turn and answered each question. Some members even thought of their own question to ask the group to keep the conversation going. After our chocolate experience, members expressed their thoughts on the restaurant and their delicious chocolate. It was definitely a wonderful and delicious experience! We're so excited for our next outing!

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