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Teenz Night: Karaoke

This week for Teenz Friday night, our members are headed to sing their souls out at Chorus Karaoke NYC. The fun filled destination was conveniently just a 10 minute walk from our meeting spot at Bread & Butter. Our travelers devised directions on how to arrive there by deciding to walk north on 29th street then maneuver their way through fifth avenue and E 32st street.

The anticipation shown by our groups was glowing and felt by everyone in this adventure. Upon arrival, our members were greeted warmly by the staff at Chorus Karaoke. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan since 2003, Chorus Karaoke is considered one of the pioneers of the modern karaoke recreational scene today in New York City. Our teenz were able rent their own room with friends and become the center of attention for some singing fun! In addition to the main lounge, Chorus offered our young travelers new songs which are updated monthly to ensure today’s hits will be available for any aspiring singers! Teenz in the City enjoyed singing their hearts out to both modern and classic songs enjoyed by many. Laughter , enjoyment, and exciting socialization defined what Karaoke night was all about. Our current members forged friendships with new teenz members and sang the night away together in both stunning duets and solos! Midway during this adventure, favorite moments and upcoming, finishing encores were shared among our group members over delicious NY pizza. Chorus Karaoke truly made this night an unforgettable one for Teenz In The City!

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