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East Village Adventure

This past Sunday, Teenz in the City prepared a travel outing through possibly America's favorite street called St. Mark's Place. This trendy neighborhood is only a few blocks wide but offers over 60 authentic food venues!

Our teenz members gathered at our meeting spot and formulated travel directions to get to specific locations in the East Village. They also worked together to create walking instructions on how to maneuver their way through the East Village to arrive at these exciting sites: St. Mark's Comics, Dumpling Man, Two Boots Pizza, and 10 Below Ice Cream. Teenz in the City arrived to the area by riding the downtown 6 train.

Our young travelers marched on with much anticipation to the cultural landmark of NYC. The first goal of this journey was for our teenz to enjoy the coolest comics and collectibles since 1984 at St. Mark's Comics! After reading comics, both retro and modern, our groups continued onto their next location on their list. The adventurous voyagers soon landed, with much appetite, at the next two sites called Dumpling Man and Two Boots Pizza. Our members enjoyed cuisines from authentic, Chinese takeout to gluten-free, NY styled pizza. Conversations were held left and right by our members about the great satisfaction they received from these New York delights. The young members ended the tasty outing with desert from 10 Below Ice Cream. There were sighs of enjoyment from eating the parlor's famous Thai-styled ice cream rolls mixed with toppings!

Teenz Sunday ended with members bursting with joy about the different entrees they ate that same day. Our members had an exciting journey walking through one of the funkiest areas NYC has to offer along with its unique culture and..of!

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