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Members' Choice Museum Outing: Cooper Hewitt

Our Girls group had a great outing Members' Choice outing this past Sunday at The Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City. The group met at our regular meeting spot, and each made their suggestion regarding different activities that they wanted to try. Our members then voted on what activity to try, while engaging in an important discussion on our Members' Choice program. The girls reviewed the importance of trying something new that could be out of your comfort zone, because it is something important to your peers. The girls then voted and decided to check out The Cooper Hewitt Museum as it has been one of our member's ideas for a while now.

We then discussed the best travel route to get to the museum and decided that they could easily walk to the museum, since it was nice out and the girls discussed it would only take them about 10 minutes to walk. While walking, the group facilitator reviewed the North East South West acronym and pointed out the importance of using this tool to help them navigate.

Upon arrival to the museum, all visitors were given a special pen which they were encouraged to use during all of the interactive parts of the exhibit. The girls explored the museum and especially enjoyed the interactive Immersion Room in which members were able to sketch and create their own design of wall coverings and then project them onto the walls to show off their creativity! We were impressed by our very own artists! After the exhibition, the girls worked up quite an appetite and decided to dine at the cafe in the museum. Over lunch, members shared their favorite part of the museum and engaged in a conversation game in which members chose from a deck of cards with various teen conversation starters. Through this fun and engaging game, our girls continued to build their friendships, while engaging in thought-

provoking questions keeping the conversation flowing throughout lunch. Remember ladies... you can now log onto to retrieve our visit and check out what we created and saved!

Our girls group are looking forward to visiting other museums this upcoming semester and expanding our interest and appreciation of the arts.

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