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Gyu-Kaku: Japanese BBQ!

Yesterday our Teenz had an exciting dining experience from Gyu-Kaku! Gyu-Kaku is unique in that you are able to prepare your food yourself. Our members loved cooking their own meats and ended the evening indulging themselves in chocolate lava cake, mochi ice cream, and s'mores they roasted over the fire. Before we begun our adventure, to Gyu-Kaku, members explored the the quickest and most efficient route to take. We determined by taking the 6 train would get us to our destination quickly. Once there, we broke up into two smaller groups for dinner. Our members discussed the importance of fully cooking their meat before consumption. While waiting for our meal, members were asked asked a series of questions and conversation starters so that they would socialize with one another. After cooking our delicious meal, some members even got to roast s'mores above the fire. It was such a fun and new experience for many of our members and we had so much fun this session!

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