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Teenz In The City Gives Back

This past weekend The Teenz In The City community volunteered at Amsterdam Nursing Home, located on The Upper West Side. Volunteering, is a very important part of our program. Our members have the opportunity to volunteer in the community at least two times each school year and five times each summer. These invaluable volunteer opportunities, allow our members to interact with people in the community who they may have not met otherwise, learn about someone else's story, realize how fortunate they are, and most importantly make a positive impact on someone else's day. This volunteer experience is important for our members as they transition to adulthood and become valued and responsible citizens of their community.

On Sunday, our event was open to the whole Teenz community. Our members came from two different meeting locations and each group researched the most efficient travel route to the nursing home. Our teen boys groups decided to take the R train uptown, then transfer to the 1 train. Our girls group took the 86th street crosstown bus to Amsterdam Ave and then transferred to the 1 train. With much anticipation and curiosity, our members arrived to Amsterdam Nursing home. Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted and impressed by the beautiful building which we learned was home to over 400 residents! Our members were given the opportunity to engage with the residents through fantastic board games, arts and crafts making and exciting conversations learning about the residents. Many of our members chose to assist the residents in creating a masterpiece made out of beads. They

shared moments of meaningful conversation, laughter and joy with the warmhearted, kind residents. After an afternoon of activities, our members bid a friendly farewell to the respected community at the Amsterdam Nursing Home and were ready for lunch. Our members enjoyed the beautiful spring day by eating lunch at the park. Over lunch, our members each shared their favorite parts of this special day with new memories from the warm hospitality received from our new friends at Amsterdam Nursing Home. Our members are certainly looking forward to participating in these types of volunteer events in the future many have already requested to visit Amsterdam nursing home again in the upcoming months.

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