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A Sugar High at the Sugar Factory

We had a sweet time this Sunday and it was scrumptious weather, and a treat to be able to take a break from homework, and focus on some tasteful fun! This weekend, we gathered our pearly whites, and an appetite for sweetness, and headed to the Sugar Factory, but first (and no, not dessert first) we had to discuss what the best route would be. As a group, we researched which location of the Sugar Factory, and we found that we would be going to the Upper West Side collection. Some of us thought it would be an easy trek- because all we needed to do, was go west-but we noticed with our Moovit application, it was a bit more complicated than initially thought.

We were made aware that we should take the 2nd avenue subway line's Q train downtown, to 42nd street- Times Square, and then transfer to the uptown 1 or 2/3 trains. We used the subway schedule board, to decide which train would arrive first, noticing that the 1 train would allow us to arrive only a few blocks from The Sugar Factory. When we got out of the subway, we used Google Maps, which directed us to walk in a way, that we were unable to read, so the group followed, but then we looked at the street signs, and the address and discovered that we were in fact, going away from the sugar we were seeking (which in normal cases would be a good thing- but not for today!). As a group, we made our way together to head to The Sugar Factory, and we all sat down and viewed the menu with our big eyes, and decided that it ALL looked so yummy. As a group, we discussed things that we would like to order, and then quickly realized that our budgets would need to be stretched. In order to make things work for us, we discussed that some of us would like the same things from the menu, so we problem solved- by discussing each other's food desires, and communicated that we are willing to share, and split the cost- just so we could fulfill our sweet cravings. During the meal, we played a game- that would ask us questions, that would allow us to learn more about each other, and what our beliefs and dreams are, and how we were going to go about reaching those goals. We allowed all of our opinions to be respected, heard, and understood. We focused on our future, and recognizing that a lot of us are very alike, and have experienced some of the same things. As we wound down the meal, we budgeted and learned about how we would split a bill, with a party that was over 8 of us. The Sugar Factory, like most restaurants will include additional gratuity, and we learned that with this, the total cost was already factored into the total of the bill. We each counted our change, and decided what our budget was for extra sweets. Some of us were able to inquire with the staff about the comparison for one option in how to buy the bulk candy- VS another option. It was concluded, that for a girl that wants to buy more than a pound of candy- that fiscally it makes sense to buy a tin, rather than to purchase a bag of candy. It was concluded, that it was more within the proper way to budget, for those big spenders. After we exhausted our sugar high, we headed back to the Upper East Side to conclude our group. We decided that the way we arrived, would be the best way to return, so as a group we headed back to our meeting place. Another successful Sunday spent together, being sweet. Looking forward to next weekends adventure!

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