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First Annual Game Show Night

This past Teenz Night, Teenz In The City gathered together for a trivia-filled bonanza evening of Jeopardy!

Teenz leaders and founders created a custom-made version of the popular TV game show for our young members to enjoy. Our young travelers devised directions from our usual meeting spot with total anticipation and curiosity! Teenz decided to take the uptown 6 Train to 42st street then maneuver their way to the site. Teenz leaders reserved a modern, state of the art rental space in a prestigious office building. Upon arrival, our members and leaders were greeted warmly by the office rental staff to our conference room. Teenz In The City started the night off with delicious snacks while coming up with creative team names and strategies.

The night started once the group leader showed the groups the game's trivia topics through an HD screen. Our young contestants faced off in quiz-filled competition where topics ranged from Social studies and Geography to Pop culture! Points were claimed competitively by each team through fun brainstorming and fantastic teamwork! Teenz In The City members congratulated each other for a well battled competition and exchanged their favorite moments while enjoying NYC styled pizza at Bella Napoli! Our members departed after sharing so many laughs and obtained knowledge from the infamous game of Jeopardy. Such a fun night with the Teenz community!

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