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A Blast at Brookfield Place

This Sunday we spent our time heading down to one of New York's nearest shopping areas. We all met at our usual place and discussed together what we believe the best route would be; we discovered that there were a few. We initially trusted to move it up on the 456 line get us downtown to Brookfield place. As we were on a train a change of stops became the issue and on the train problem solved. We discussed the other options, which was to transfer to the N R line. Based off of the subway map, we were able to locate the vicinity we were heading towards, and spotted the Courtland Steeet stop, which has been redone since it was destroyed in 2001. As we exited the subway, we made our way through the Oculous for a short cut, and some candy samples. Some of us tried chocolate covered gummy bears. We used the signage to locate the proper street exit. Some of us had great memories- and were able to locate the Vesey street exit that would bring us even closer to Brookfield place. When we arrived, we headed straight to the food court. We did a budget check, and discuss our plans of food court attack - while keeping in mind, options for budgeting with friends. Some of us had like-minded cravings, and decided to share, split, and sample. We all ate enjoyed some really good conversation about what we had in mind for the future careers. We were able to enjoy our some of us even got desert. As we headed back uptown we decided that we would take the NRWQ train to the second Avenue and 86 street style where we ended our excursion downtown and we ended a great week on a sweet note. Join us next weekend for our lower Eastside food tour.

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