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The Sky's the Limit!

Today's session lead us to Battery Park where we got to immerse ourselves in architectural history at the Skyscraper Museum. Due to circumstances out of our control because of construction, members had to problem solve and explore alternative routes to get to our destination. Our members worked together to find a quick and efficient route to take. The current exhibition at the museum is called Ten & Taller: 1874-1900 which focused on the the earliest "skyscrapers" of New York, and examines every building in Manhattan -a total of 250- that is ten or more stories tall that dates back to the mid 1970s to the current standard steel based buildings of the 20th century. Our members had a great time learning about the beginning history of New York's beautiful skyscrapers. There were even 3D models of Manhattan and the former Twin Towers that members loved looking at. After our exciting tour of the Skyscraper museum, we had a delicious lunch at a nearby bodega. Our members chowed down on pizza and chicken wings while enjoying the company of one another. After lunch, our leaders played a little pop trivia quiz based off of facts that were learned at the museum and were able to win prizes. We are very excited to see what new and fun activities group has in store for us next week!

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