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A Delish Food Tour

Taking it back to the old school this Sunday, as we made our way to the infamous Lower East Side. All of us met together at our usual Upper East Side location and we discussed what we each wanted to do to start our food tour. It was agreed upon that we could nourish ourselves at neighboring food spots. Together we googled the possible noshing places, and discovered the addresses, and proceeded to use the Moovit app, and figure out what the best route would be. Some of us did not bring MetroCards, so we used this opportunity to learn how to buy a new card. As we were on the 4/5/6 subway, we realized that with the Moovit directions, as it was the easiest transfer, there were earlier transfer options, so we showed great flexibility as we made our last minute train option change. It got us to our stop at least 3 minutes quicker, considering all of the weekend construction. We arrived to the Lower East Side, and used our google maps to direct us to the right street where we could enjoy a Sunday feast. We discussed what we wanted, and there were mixed cravings, so with a buddy system the few that wanted alternative to bagels, could get donuts. We all joined together for some breakfast. Then we made our way to venture out for some snacks to-go, we stopped by The Pickle Guys, and then challenged one of our group members to lead us towards Economy Candy, by memory. We were led to the sweetest place on the Lower East Side...overflowing with sugar and international sweet options. We had a little time, so we pulled onto Orchard street for a little Art Gallery stop, and saw some really cool art (which will be the highlight of next weekend's Saturday Teenz). After that, we made our way to some cool LES clothing stores, where we tried on some clothes and accessories. After this, we made our way back to the Upper East Side. As we made our way down the subway, we got on the first possible train, which altered our route/use of subway trains, but we were able to practice flexibility and make our way back successfully. Till next week! We will have a gallery hopping Saturday.

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