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A Hole In One

Today, our members had such a fun afternoon playing miniature golf. Though the weather was windy, we still had fun competing against one another. Our members really showed their competitive spirit while also cheering and supporting one another! We started the session off by first having them explore the various routes to the pier, our destination for the day. While there we reviewed our NSEW acronym to reinforce our navigational skills. We had a big group today so we had broken up into smaller groups. While headed to the pier, we had split up into two other groups and had taken two different routes to see who could get their faster. We had a lot of fun playing 18 rounds of mini golf. Members were giving words of encouragement and tips to one another throughout session. After session, we had split up into two groups because certain members wanted Chipotle and others wanted to eat pizza! Overall, we had such a gun session and we are excited to meet again next week for our next activity!

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