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Feasting at Smorgasburg

This Sunday we gathered for the best weather of the year so far. We arrived at the Upper East Side, and discussed the best route with our Moovit app. The app suggested that we make our way downtown on the express Q train. On the way we played a guessing game, to see what MetroCard held the most funds. On our way, we discussed many interesting topics and how we all have commonalities on the ways we think. We talked about fashion and culture, and how being present in the moment is the best way to be, so you can truly enjoy yourself and where you are. We hopped off the Q train, at the Prospect Park stop and met the additional Brooklynites right before we entered the park. In order to make sure we attacked Smorgasburg correctly, we all counted our money, and planned our budgets to allow ample sufficient craving consumption. We had everything from Mexican, wings, cookies, pies, salads, kabobs, and a whole lot of fresh air. We all sat together under the shade of a giant oak tree and enjoyed more conversation on our favorite subjects and our plans for the summer. Once we were in our food comas, we rolled our way back to the Manhattan and uptown bound Q train back to our UES meeting spot. A day well spent - eating and hanging with the girls. Join us next week for our end of the year party & our Sunday outing! Till then!

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