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Teenz Night: Sails Up - North River Lobster Co. Boat Ride

Teenz In The City had a blast on our first official warm-weather Teenz Night! We had the perfect night to be on the water, with the temperature over 90 degrees. While at our meeting spot, we learned that the 6 trains were not running uptown, which gave us the perfect opportunity to access our problem-solving skills and flexibility. Members discussed alternate options and decided that taking the uptown N/R train to Times Square would make the most sense. Given it was rush hour, we also decided to walk from Times Square to the Hudson River to make it by the 7pm sail time. With positive attitudes and bottled water, we walked to the river and made it in time for the boat ride.

While on the boat, members assessed their budgets and decided on which seafood or burgers to order. Drinks did not have free refills, which also gave the members a moment to think about how much they needed to have a water versus another drink.

We got a chance to check out beautiful views of Manhattan while the sun was setting and engaged in conversation with one another about our weeks. We even used Photo Booth props to take great photos together. At the conclusion of the boat ride, we decided the rush hour traffic would be over and we took the crosstown M42 bus back towards Grand Central and took the downtown 6 train to 28th Street. Members had a wonderful time on this unique outing and look forward to our next Teenz night on June 2nd!

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