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Lions, Tigers and Teenz...Oh My!

Yesterday, we had such a fun outing at the Central Park Zoo. We began our session looking up directions to the zoo, and we had to problem solve and find alternative routes due to trains delays and the Israel Day Parade taking place. Members took turns guiding the rest of the group to the Zoo, and also refreshed themselves on the NSEW acronym. When we arrived, we had our members set limits for themselves for the amount of money that they would be spending for the day. The first thing we saw was the sea lion feeding. Our members really loved watching the tricks that the sea lions performed. After the sea lion feeding, we also looked at the spotted seals, snow leopards, grizzly bears, panda bears, and penguins. We especially loved looking at the tropical birds exhibit. It was really awesome to see the birds flying around freely and learning about the different species of birds and lemurs. After checking out the exhibits we had lunch at the café. Our members had the option of bringing their own lunch or buying lunch at the zoo. They enjoyed delicious pizza, chicken fingers and french fries. During lunch our members discussed their favorite exhibits that we had seen today. We had a lot of fun today and can't wait for next session!

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