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A Hole In One

We went FAR for a hole in one (truly, one of the ladies got a hole in one) on this hot Sunday morning. We all arrived and met at our usual upper east side hub, and used our Moovit app to figure out the quickest route possible. We had three different options, so we looked at another map to compare the walking distances. We agreed that the best train would be to take the 2nd avenue Q line downtown to Canal street, and then walk. We took the train downtown and learned to read the digital train stop display. We learned that it allows you to see the varied transfers at each stop. We also were able to visually see how many stops till we arrived at our station. This knowledge helps for us to figure out last minute changes, or options for transfers to help guide us when we do not have service on our cell phones to use the Moovit or Google Maps applications. Once we arrived, we picked out our different colored balls, and we started swinging. We learned pointers and rules of golf. We've got some natural Michelle Wei's in our group, some great golfers. A few of us got in on less than 3 strokes, even one hole in one! After we played, we budgeted the rest of our funds (or if we were savy packed a lunch), for either some ice cream, pretzels, and pizza! We ate and refueled for our trek back to the upper east side in one of the first hot days of summer! Join us next week for our farewell picnic!

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