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Rain or Shine: End of Semester Picnic

Today, our program closes another year full of adventure and wonderful memories at Teenz In The City. This was celebrated at our farewell picnic at Central Park! Our members gathered at our meeting point in the city and decided to take the uptown 6 train to Central Park.

Teenz In The City arrived to one of the biggest parks in the world to enjoy their final outing of the spring semester. Upon arrival, our travelers greeted each other warmly and welcomed a new member to the Teenz family. Our teenz shared their most cherished moments of the year with Teenz In The City and recollected memories while playing fulfilled games such as Connect four, playing cards, Battleship, etc. Snacks were also given to our members such as tasty cookies, brownies and many more delights from our program leaders.

However, rains started to pour and tried to deviate Teenz In the City from their pleasant gathering. But our brave members did not let a little rain stop them from enjoying the rest of the outing! Teenz In The City devised directions to arrive to the next destination...CoolMess Ice cream!

Our members arrived to the famous ice cream parlor with much excitement! Using the finest ingredients from the best vendors in NYC, our members created their own ice cream in fantastic machines! Teenz In The City ended the outing feeling accomplished about tasting their dream flavors and showing the rain who's boss!

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