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Summer Session Three: Coney Island & More!

This week our members had a blast kicking off the week at Dave & Buster's. We identified the multiple routes to take us to our destination. As a group, we identified the quickest and most efficient route to take. One of our members was the leader for the session and directed the group. On Tuesday, we went to visit the Intrepid Museum Sea & Sky Museum. Our members loved viewing the new drone exhibit. We spent our day viewing the inside of a Navy submarine, The Growler, the space shuttle, Enterprise and viewed a deck of many military airplanes. On Wednesday, we had so much fun going to Coney Island. We enjoyed our lunch eating Nathan's and enjoyed each other's company! We went on thrilling rides such as the Wonder Wheel, The Tickler, & the Air Race! After the rides, our teenz cooled themselves by enjoying some Italian ice and ice cream. On Thursday, the group collectively decided to spend their members' choice at Ripley's Believe it or Not in Time Square. Ripley's Believe it Or Not had a special exhibit about Cheetos. Our members had a great time learning about the many interesting people and animals that are in the world, like an albino elephant, and a woman named Sandy Allen, a woman born in 1955 who was the tallest woman in the world at 7'7.5" tall! After exploring the museum, we ate lunch across the street at Pax and enjoyed pizza, soup, and salad. We asked our teenz about their favorite part about the museum and what they learned. On Friday, we gave back to the community by volunteering at St. Joseph's Soup Kitchen. We aided the homeless and less fortunate by serving them meals for lunch. One of our teenz mentioned that this experience was very rewarding and she felt good helping others. It was a great to help out to those who really need it. We are very excited to start our session next week. We are looking forward to all the fun festivities we have planned!

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