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San Genaro Festival Tradition

It's a tradition, and one of our favorites. The San Genaro festival, and although it's tradition. This was most of the groups first visit to the Italian festival. We met at our usual UES spot, and said our hellos. We discussed amongst ourselves what the best route would be. We used google maps, to look up where little Italy was located. The pin was dropped on Mulberry street. We decided as a group, the Q train would be the quickest and most effective route. We took the Q to Canal Street. On the way we discussed how we could set personal and group goals for the year ahead. Some of us were quick to recognize what we needed to work on, others needed some prompts. We were able to set group goals - mostly towards socializing, and less technology present at groups. Some personal goals had to do with impulse control. We all have impulses that we respond to, so with the help of the counselors, we can be present and maintain these goals. When we arrived at San Genaro, it was time to plan our budgets. There were so many things we wanted to eat-but we worked on our impulses to go after anything that strikes our fancy. There were some booths that we were able to bargain with and some where one purchase could serve us multiple times. We did a lot of eating, and a little shopping - the most common things to do while in Italy! At one point, a carny tried to entice us with some carnival games. He offered to let us play for $5, we were able to manage our impulse to go and play the game, by considering our budget, and came to find it was a waste. We all agreed after walking the streets that we wanted to head back uptown. On the way, we noticed the 6 train at Spring street was a viable route. We hopped the train-and one of our counselors ended up not getting on the train, and the worst part-she had one of the student's pizza!!! When things like this happen, we discuss how to ease our anxiety, and how the plan works- we saw how if the abandoned friend stays at the same place on the platform and we get off and wait for the next train to pick up our lone solider and then to the group at the next stop! Luckily! This trick worked, and the pizza and the counselor were recovered. Some of us parted to go home independently and the rest of us continued back to the UES waiting spot. Ciao till next time!

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