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San Genaro Festival Tradition Continues

We kicked off the fall semester with one of our favorite Teenz traditions...the San Genaro Festival in Little Italy! We met at our usual meeting spot and had a few new members joining us. We spent time working on our travel training worksheets to determine our directions for the day and and collaborated using our google maps app and Moovit apps to decide that we would take the downtown 6 train to Spring Street. Prior to departing, we engaged in an icebreaker to get to know one another.

During our trek downtown, the group facilitators prompted the members to answer facts such as, are we going north or south or uptown or downtown. We made sure to exercise body awareness while entering and exiting the subway, which is a very important skill to remember. While on the train, we checked our apps to see how many stops remained and made sure to stay aware of where we were headed. When we exited the train, we used our google maps walking directions to find the start of the festival.

While navigating the festival, we kept in mind our budgets and had to decide whether we wanted to order food from a sit-down restaurant or from one of the delicious food stands. Some of members opted to order from a restaurant, while others decided to go for the classic pizza. During our time at the restaurant, members played heads up, which was a fun way to spend the time waiting for food. It also helped to improve our flexibility and patience with one another. When the bill came, we discussed how to appropriately divide it and account for the tip. We love using our trusty tip calculator app!

Finally, we spent time playing games and cheering each other on. A few of our members tried the Italian dessert called zeppolis and we decided that it was time to head back. We can't wait to see what the semester has to offer, develop new friends and grow in our independence.

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