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Improv Comedy Workshop

The entire Teenz in the City community enjoyed a wonderful Sunday at the Broadway Comedy Club Improvisation Workshop. After arriving at Bread and Butter, the group used Moovit to determine the best route. They decided to take the uptown D train from 34th St (Herald Square) to 7th Avenue (and 53rd street). Since the group did not want to be late for the workshop, we decided to have food delivered to the Comedy Club. Upon arrival, the group ate pizza and socialized before starting the workshop. Members engaged in conversation a about how school has been going since the first month is underway. After lunch, the group went on stage and learned some improv warm up exercises. These exercises were engaging and even had the members laughing out loud. Group members stepped outside their comfort zones when participating in these warm up exercises. At times, some of the group members were nervous, but the other members were encouraging and helped them get rid of their nerves.

After leaving the Comedy Club, the group decided to take the D train downtown from 7th Avenue. However, due to a switchboard problem at 34th street, the group got stuck on the subway between stations for almost 30 minutes. As soon as the subway started moving, the group off at the next stop. Due to the Polish Day Parade on 5th avenue, the group then had difficulty walking east past the parade. The group leaders helped the group members use their problem-solving skills and decided to split up and take two taxis back to Bread and Butter. The group leaders were impressed by the members' flexibility today during session, especially on the way back to Bread and Butter. This incident was a teachable moment in group because we never know when unexpected situations may arise. Despite the long journey home, the group enjoyed a wonderful day at the Broadway Comedy Club Improvisation Workshop!

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