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Members' Choice: Pie by the Pound

This weekend’s event was a fan favorite, Pie by the Pound! We met at our usual meeting spot, where the members were able to greet one another, catch up, and work through our travel steps for the day. We also engaged in an icebreaker to get to know some of the new members in attendance. Using Google Maps and Moovit, the group collectively discussed and figured out the most efficient travel route for the day and decided we would take the 6 train downtown to Union Square. When we got off the train at Union Square, the members discussed which direction we should walk in, and with assistance from their travel apps, we arrived at Pie by the Pound.

Upon arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to find we had the whole place to ourselves. They each individually ordered their pizza and drinks, keeping in mind that less is more and seconds could always be available. As we always do, we discussed healthy choices and portion sizes, as well as keeping in mind budgeting – especially if they wanted to purchase one of Pie by the Pound’s delicious cookies afterwards.

At this super awesome pizza place, we not only got to indulge in some amazing pizza of many varieties, but they also had a plethora of interactive board games. The members and leaders alike socialized and played games such as Connect Four, Jenga, and Apples to Apples. Some of us also played heads up in order to promote pro-social behavior among students who were not particularly feeling the board games available.

We then headed out, where some of our members utilized their knowledge of the city transit system to independently go their own way home, while the rest of us reversed our trip there to make it back to B&B. Overall, the Pie by the Pound event was not only delicious, but fun and interactive as well!

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