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First Teenz Night of the Semester: Strikes and More!

Our members arrived with smiles on their faces for our first Friday night of the semester. Members greeted each other and group leaders facilitated introductions to new members. We used google maps and Moovit to determine that the uptown 6 train to Grand Central, transferring to the Shuttle train to Times Square would be the most efficient route. We split up into smaller walking groups, which helped members have conversation with one another, while also remaining aware of their groups and sticking together.

Upon arrival to Bowlmor Lanes, members took in the exciting decor and renting bowling shoes. Members took a look at the money in their wallets in terms of budgeting enough money for the bowling, shoes and determining how much remained for their dinner/drink orders. Group leaders helped members with this process individually going over the math when needed. We divided into two teams and took the bowling lanes excitedly. Team members cheered each other on while bowling, which increased the spirit among members! The bowling alley also had great music and members danced and sang along when it wasn't their turn to bowl. Members were also engaging in conversation with one another in between bowling turns. Some members opted for ordering pizza, which was the most affordable option in terms of splitting the pizza with other friends. Others opted to spend some of their money on a different order if pizza wasn't their first choice. Leaders helped members take into account various dietary preferences as well.

Following our time bowling, members wrapped the night up with some games in the arcade, including air hockey! We reversed our directions and made good time on our evening commute. Members had a great time for our first Teenz Night and look forward to our next event on October 6th!

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