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California Pizza Kitchen: Pizza-Making Class!

We had our first ever cooking class at CPK where members were able to make their own pizza together! The group met at our usual meeting spot and split into groups, as we had our High School group, Girls group and Co-Ed group present. We spent time introducing ourselves and sharing a fun fact about ourselves with the group. At 11am sharp, we walked the short distance to our destination to be greeted by the very friendly manager, Sean. Sean spoke to us at length about his career in the food industry, both as a chef and manager and also talked about his own struggles in high school. Members felt lucky to hear from Sean and also engaged with him by asking questions about his education and how he got to where he is today. Sean brought us our own dough, sauce and cheese and explained the technique to ensure the pizza turned out just right. While we waited for our pizza, one of the group leaders led the group in a discussion about favorite things to do on the computer, new tv shows members are watching this fall and how school has been going. Once the pizza arrived, members were happy to taste their hard work! We were also given ice cream sundaes to round out this delicious afternoon. We then returned to our meeting spot and had a few extra minutes to play a favorite game of ours...heads up! Looking forward to our next Teenz Night on Friday!

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