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Cookie-Decorating Class

Teenz In The City's Girls Group had a great time this Sunday during our first ever cookie-decorating class! The group met at our meeting location and used Google to determine the best travel route that they could take from our meeting location to the class. The group decided that since it was such a beautiful day, we would walk 10 blocks north to reach our destination. During our walk, the group facilitator reviewed several important travel training concepts including our North, East, South, West acronym, and reviewing that the odd and even building numbers are on different sides of the streets which came in very handle in order to find our destination. Upon arrival to the class, our members immediately got their creativity and sweet tooth hats on and were ready to start decorating! We were truly impressed by our members' unique and creative ideas including ghosts, goblins, and a cookie cake that resembled Willie Wonka's chocolate factory! While decorating their cookies, the girls engaged with each other in friendly reciprocal conversation and had the opportunity to play DJ suggesting their favorite songs to be played and of course sing along. It was really cool to compare their taste in music and we even discovered that a few of the girls had the same favorite artists! Our cookie decorating class was such a sweet hit and we are already thinking about when we can do a class like this again in the future...Sweet dreams for now!

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