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Museum of the Moving Image

Our Co-Ed Group ventured to Queens for the famous Museum of the Moving Image this past Sunday. We met at our usual meeting spot and discussed the various travel options. After weighing the options between taking two trains to arrive in Queens or going straight to the R, the group opted to go straight to the R train. They didn't mind the slightly longer walk, especially due to the unseasonably warm weather. We went over our North, South, East and West acronym as we walked in order to arrive at the correct subway station. While waiting for the train, the group discussed Halloween plans, costumes and talked about how school has been going. Once we arrived at Steinway Street in Queens, we utilized google maps walking directions to make the five minute walk to the museum.

Upon arriving to the museum, we explored the Jim Henson exhibit, which members were very excited to see! We were able to check out the classic puppets from Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock and The Muppet Show. There were 47 puppets displayed in all, which was one of our favorite parts of the museum. We also worked on stop motion videos, substituted our own sound effects in classic movies and some members were able to insert their own voices in certain lines from movies. Finally, we had the chance to play classic games on the top floor of the museum. Members had so much fun that we couldn't believe how quickly the time went!

On our way back to Manhattan, we tried a different route that involved both the R and 6 trains and found it to be an even easier way to arrive back. We had such a fantastic time at the museum and look forward to returning again in 2018!

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