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Teenz Night Karaoke: Members Making Memories

Teenz members had a blast at our third Teenz Night of the semester at karaoke this past Friday. We met at our usual meeting spot and headed right to one of our favorite karaoke spots right in Koreatown. Due to the close proximity, we were able to use our googlemaps walking directions to navigate our way there rather quickly. Upon our arrival, members perused the endless options of songs and we started with a group song to break the ice. We sang one of the most popular songs, "Don't Stop Believing" and everyone immediately got excited to choose their own personal songs! Some notable artists of the evening included Green Day, The Beatles and Ed Sheeran. While cheering each other on, we shared pizza and took breaks in between songs to get to know each other better and talk about how school has been going, what we are going to be for Halloween and weekend plans. We can't wait for our next Teenz Night to Little Italy in a few weeks!

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