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Sugar Factory Sweetness

Teenz had a sweet start to the Halloween holiday at the Sugar Factory in the Meatpacking District last weekend. Members met at the usual meeting spot and discussed the various travel routes available to us given the uncertain weather. We decided to take the R/W train to Union Square as the 6 trains were not running locally. We then took the L train to 8th Avenue and walked the avenue and a half to our destination.

Upon our arrival, we perused the extensive menu options and some members opted for breakfast choices, such as waffles or pancakes, while others opted for the traditional chicken fingers or burgers. The highlights were certain the creative milkshakes that looked absolutely delicious! Members talked about their upcoming Halloween plans and group facilitators encouraged members to speak about their favorite types of candy and treats. When the bill arrived each member worked on their total accounting for tax and tip and contributed towards the total.

At the conclusion of our meal, some members purchased candy in the candy section before we hopped into Lyft car rides to avoid the terrible rain. We decided this was the safest way to arrive back to our meeting spot and thought the added cost of $3/member to travel by car was worth it. Happy Halloween everyone!

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